Get component and keyed files from J

Get component and keyed files from J

PostPosted by blake » Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:01 pm


The J language ( was the last language created by Ken Iverson (and others). It is sort of a very extremely enhanced APL using ASCII characters. It is nice but it's not APL. The company used to provide this as a proprietary, commercial language for several years and its quality reflects this. Alas, it recently turned open-source via GPL 3 and the full source is now available.

J includes nice component and keyed file systems. It is well done and nice. I think it would be a good starting place to use the ideas in this to create component and keyed file systems in NARS2000. NARS2000 is nice but (IMO) not terribly usable without a file system.

Just thought I'd share the info and opinion.


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