Using pictures/images in APL

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Using pictures/images in APL

PostPosted by vedaviz » Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:18 am

I've got idea, that all signs in APL can be changed into Venn diagram images.

See here:

Idea is that this is visual representation, and it looks even better than using APL signs.

Moreover, using widgit symbols (see )

can allow change any word of math into some image, and that can enhance even Venn diagram. For example, instead of some abstract X, Y or Z there can be some other word in a text, and program widgit changes it into picture. And so it does when there are some complex ideas. And I want to add APL functionality to program like Widgit which I am developing (see ) so that some ideas can be expressed with images, though they are written in some machine code, in programming language like APL. Natural language is much more advanced than any programming language, but we have to deal with computers using some technical language of formulas. So why not enhance that with pictures? (Idea of my program is to automatically convert text into movie/game etc)

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