Version -- Builds #981 through #1060

Version -- Builds #981 through #1060

PostPosted by forummaster » Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:59 am

This version contains the following features:

* Implement Variant operator f⍠V R and L f⍠V R
* Implement APL2 array spacing rules
* Display wrapped lines as a group of rows
* Define new syntax class for Point Notation Separators (beEprvx)
* Define new keyboard layouts (French)
* Enhance prime factoring (πR) with ECM by using additional methods
* Extend Indices function (⍸R) to multirank arrays
* Define new []IC indeterminate case 0⍟N where N != 0 1
* Allow double quotes around )IN filename
* Change notation for VFP numbers from infix/suffix (1v3 and 12v) to suffix only (1.3v and 12v)
* Signal NONCE ERROR for what would be a complex number result
* Optimize table function (⍪R) on matrices
* Catch duplicate labels in a user-defined function
* Use longer period (¯1+2*61) for pseudo-random number generation (Query function ?R)
* Implement []NLOCK

and the following fixes:

* Fix bug in display of nested arrays
* Fix bug in scan with alternating functions on nested arrays and on multi-dimensional arrays
* Fix bugs in display of long lines
* Fix bug in decode of Bool vs. Bool (L⊥R)
* Fix bug in type demotion from nested/hetero to RAT/VFP
* Fix bug in sign of infinity
* Fix bug in []FMT thousands separator insertion
* Fix bug when copying special Symbol Table Entries (0 1 ' ')
* Fix bug on empty hetero/RAT/VFP compression (L/R)
* Fix bug with ↑R on empty RAT/VFP
* Fix bug in primitive functions on simple scalar and empty nested arrays
* Fix bug in ⍎R on multi-stmt lines with last stmt sink
* Fix bugs when indexing global numerics
* Fix bug when calling replicate from reduction
* Fix bug when aligning values in display of multi-row arrays
* Remove []TCDEL
* Fix bug in Inner Product with empty global numerics (L f.g R)
* Fix bug in monadic []FMT ([]FEATURE not localized)
* Fix bug in display of raw output
* Fix bug in )LIB
* Fix bug in display of certain nested arrays
* Fix indexing bugs
* Fix bug in →R if target line # is too large
* Fix bug in certain multi-precision functions
* Check for Ctrl-Break in monadic iota for RAT/VFP arguments
* Fix bug calculating average character widths
* Fix bug passing global numeric array to user-defined function/operator list
* Fix bug displaying hetero array with global numeric
* Fix bug in multiset Downshoe (Multiplicities ∪⍦R) function
* Fix bug in Downshoe (Unique ∪R) function
* Handle STACK FULL exception
* Fix bug in ⌊R function on global numerics
* Fix bug parsing certain control structures constructions
* Fix bug displaying numbers in (-1, 1) in integer format
* Fix bug calculating the # primes <= N (2πR)
* Fix bug when reading []RL from a workspace file
* Fix bug not updating tab name when changing []WSID
* Fix bug Indices function on multi-rank APAs
* Fix bug in Language Bar for Left/Right Tack keystrokes
* Fix bug in monadic []FMT for multirank arrays
* Fix bug Enclose With Axis doesn't type demote the items
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