Version 0.3.10 -- Builds #1084 through #1109

Version 0.3.10 -- Builds #1084 through #1109

PostPosted by forummaster » Sun May 26, 2013 4:45 pm

This version contains the following features:

* Implement execution timer in StatusBar.
* Define more shorthand Variant operator left operand primitives.
* Simplify the ⎕WA algorithm.
* Extend singleton right args in Replicate and Expand
* Change the default state for Negative Indices to FALSE
* Change the symbol for the Tally function from a right caret (>) to not-equal underbar ()
* Implement Dyadic Iota Underbar (Array Lookup -- L⍸R)
* Include LGPL license and explain how to build LGPL libraries

and the following fixes:

* Fix bug in Unique function when comparing adjacent floating point or VFP values
* Fix bug in Enclose With Axis where the code didn't take into account multiple axes
* Fix bug in dyadic derived function from the Each operator where the result rank was calculated incorrectly for high rank singletons vs. low rank non-singletons
* Fix bug in Inner Product when promoting the result datatype
* Fix bug displaying ⍬ (,1)
* Fix bug in scalar dyadic functions with FLOAT result from APA vs. BOOL/INT/APA and vice versa
* Fix bug when displaying tab characters
* Fix bug in →'a'
* Fix bug in dyadic format when exceeding an internal limit
* Fix bug in Multiset Iota, Epsilon, and Match where one arg is numeric, the other char
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