Version 0.4.5 -- Builds #1177 through #1201

Version 0.4.5 -- Builds #1177 through #1201

PostPosted by forummaster » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:48 pm

This version contains the following features:

* Define new indeterminate for ⎕IC
* Display progress of execution timer
* Define new Unicode character aliases for certain functions

and the following fixes:

* Fix bug where a variable is unset if we encounter and error early
* Fix bug in tokenize with a mistakenly omitted line drawing char
* Handle VFP infinity
* Fix bug in Up/Down Stile with global numerics near zero
* Handle negative zero VFP
* Fix bug when freeing global storage
* Handle infinity when checking for a rational integer
* Use signed value when defining MPZ and MPQ infinities
* Handle infinity in more functions such as exponentiation
* Fix bug in encode with all2s on left and global numerics on right
* Fix Bug In reduce with type promotion
* Handle more infinities
* Handle LIMIT ERROR in rational number formatting with very large numbers
* Handle LIMIT ERROR when accumulating Undo
* Handle LIMIT ERROR in monadic format
* Handle reallocation in monadic Pi
* Fix bug in restart of type promotion of simple scalar vs. simple scalar
* Fix bug in partitioned enclose with singleton left argument
* Fix bug during shutdown on Linux systems
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