Version 0.4.6 -- Builds #1202 through #1230

Version 0.4.6 -- Builds #1202 through #1230

PostPosted by forummaster » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:11 am

This version contains the following features:

* Implement Crash Server
* Accumulate numeric constant strands all at once

and the following fixes:

* Fix bug when freeing all global storage when closing a workspace tab
* Fix bug in Find with scalar right argument
* Fix bug in data demotion
* Fix bug in monadic tilde with numbers just outside [0,1]
* Localize ⎕DM within ⎕EC
* Fix bug in indexing empty arrays
* Disallow conversion of floats >= 2*53 to integer
* Fix bugs handling exceptions
* Fix typo in Language Bar
* Fix bug displaying wrong error message after Ctrl-Break
* Fix bug when displaying an Exec/Quad token with no value
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