APL Code swapping/sharing anyone?

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APL Code swapping/sharing anyone?

PostPosted by Robert Wallick » Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:49 pm

Anyone up for some APL code swapping/sharing? Code "bartering" if you will. I'll put some APL code up on NARS2000 if you will.

For instance, I have not yet found a Run external *.EXE program system function in NARS2000 yet, like Microsoft's Shell program used in Visual Studio. IBM's APL2 has used a concept called Auxiliary Processors with {quad}SVO (shared variable offer) and {quad}SVR (shared variable retract). NARS2000 apparently does not have such a "run external program" feature, to the best of my knowledge.

It's actually not overly complex to setup an external EXE to continuously/albeit-low-resource-intensity-run and check for changes to a disk file, every nnn millisecs or every n secs, execute the given user command i.e. run the external program (when a "run" new command is issued from APL by the user, and have such command performed "independent of NARS2000" from within that external program) and then set the results into another file - which APL can test for via ReadFile/WriteFile - thus the concept of interoperability brought to NARS2000 - where APL could actually interact with other programs. As great as APL and NARS2000 are, APL is not the only problem-solving tool on the planet.

An external program interface is but one missing feature in NAR2000. Other needed features would include: good graphics interface(s), statistics package, engineering functions (fast fourier transforms, equation solving, mathematical integration of equations, differentiation, root solving) database interfaces(ODBC's, SQL, *.mdb's{Access}, MySQL, etc.), full-screen-color-menus with some user-input error checking, Internet file/data downloads/uploads, voice commands(voice-to-text, text-to-voice), artificial intelligence applications, optical character recognition(OCR), . . .

Again, I am willing to code swap/share and work on NARS2000 APL development projects if someone else / others are; the sum being greater than each of the individual parts contributed. An FYI: most of my external development work would probably be in Visual Basic 2010 compiled code, unless someone can point to some specifics in NARS2000 "c" code from which to begin some longer-term research therein and simultaneously therefore slower development times due to the learning curve on "c".
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