Version 0.4.9 -- Builds #1246 through #1371

Version 0.4.9 -- Builds #1246 through #1371

PostPosted by forummaster » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:16 am

This version contains the following features:

* Implement 2by2 Syntax Analyzer
* Implement special handling of reduction of singletons
* Implement ⎕T to return CPU time in seconds since session start
* Implement negative zero (¯0)
* Implement empty Rational and VFP arrays
* Return Arithmetic Progression Array (APA) from non-empty replicate of singleton integer-like value
* Move from GoogleCode to SourceForge
* Implement donation QR code
* Implement assembler routines for certain circle functions
* Allow spaces in function header after leftmost semicolon
* Update David Gay's floating point conversion routines
* Include Documentation item in Help menu

and the following bug fixes:

* Fix bugs when type promoting reduce and scan operator results
* Fix bug in ⎕EC
* Fix bug in session manager timing of handling CR before current line saved
* Fix bug when loading a workspace with a VFP number after the default precision is set
* Fix bugs found by DoctorDump
* Fix bug accounting for Trains
* Fix bug in treatment of name in :FOR statement
* Fix bug when comparing storage types to detect type promotion
* Fix bug in syntax coloring of line labels with spaces
* Fix bug in displayability of assigned name
* Fix timing bug when destroying the main window
* Fix bug when calling ⎕ID (shouldn't pass a left argument)
* Fix bug og displaying error message after )RESET
* Fix bug of displaying Magic Function line in error message
* Fix bug when closing a tab with a non-empty SI
* Fix bug in ExitType when resetting one level
* Disallow attempt to close an executing tab
* Fix bug in indexed assignment when assigning the entire array
* Fix bug in handling Trains and Niladic functions
* Disallow assignment to a suspended of pendent function
* Fix bugs when indexing scalars
* Fix memory leak in assignment of name strand
* Fix bug when closing tab with open function editing windows
* Fix bug when closing a thread prematurely
* Fix bug with anonymous function/operator (AFO) NoDisplay flag
* Fix bug when an AFO passes a special symbol table entry (STE)
* Fix bug when passing a system function to a user-defined function/operator (UDFO)
* Fix bug when displaying )LIB names
* Handle scalar arguments in dyadic Matrix Lookup
* Handle exceptions in dyadic scalar function error checks with APA result
* Fix bug when no CRASHRPT.DLL
* Fix bugs in ⎕EA/⎕EC
* Fix bug of not demoting hetero to lower type during indexed assignment
* Fix bug in GCD with negative arguments
* Fix bug in )COPY when copying uppercase system var names
* Fix bug in dyadic iota when the NotFound value is FLT
* Fix bug in assembler routines not catching all overflows for Add, Subtract, and Multiply
* Fix bug not handling !∞
* Fix bug when promoting a FLT to a FLT
* Fix bugs with tokenization of underbars in unusual cases
* Finish symbol translate code
* Include missing case when calculating the NameClass of a STE
* Fix bugs in GCD/LCM of FLTs
* Fix bug when comparing infinite VFPs w.r.t. ⎕CT
* Disallow axis operator on niladic function
* Fix bug when domino returns a NaN
* Fix bug when executing ⎕EA from a UDFO
* Fix bug in display of Quote-Quad output
* Fix bug in :SELECT
* Fix bug in LCM result sign
* Fix bug in Ctrl-C vs. Ctrl-Break handling
* Fix bugs in =/'aaa' and =\'a'
* Fix bug in MemberOf with hetero vs. global numeric
* Fix bug in multiline display of long hetero vector
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