Quad Functions

Quad Functions

PostPosted by Greenly Steel » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:41 am

I have not used APL for 25 plus years (IBM APL2) and am over the moon to have found NARS2000. I just have problems with QUAD functions. They don't seem to work; for example those listed on page 106 of "LearningAPLwithAPLX.pdf" published by MicroAPL. Where have I gone wrong? :?
Greenly Steel
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Re: Quad Functions

PostPosted by Robert Wallick » Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:41 pm

Hi Greenly,

Sorry to hear you've been having difficulties using some of NARS Quad functions. The reference you cite re page 106 for APLX looks to be functions for reading and writing files, such as:
⎕NCREATE Create native file
⎕NTIE Open native file
⎕NREAD Read data from native file
⎕NWRITE Write data to native file
⎕NUNTIE Close native file.

I have successfully used those Quad system functions with NARS and to the best of my knowledge, they are presently working. Here is a NARS wiki link to a function, called FileSize (yes it works today) - to check a file size (in bytes) using NARS. FileSize uses several Quad functions, ref. http://wiki.nars2000.org/index.php/Examples/Files. You should be able to select the text on that wiki page, perform a Copy and then Paste it right into a function called FileSize in a NARS workspace. And it should work. NARS' list of quad system functions are generally listed at http://wiki.nars2000.org/index.php/System_Functions with the ones in blue/purple working.

Welcome to NARS APL lunar outpost Quad Functions. Pleasure hearing from you. I rediscovered NARS APL after APL2 from many moons ago. Rediscovering APL with Nested Arrays has been an honest pleasure and a programming time-saver. The intellectual prowess of the language continues on today with its greatness in my view.

Have a nice week,
Robert Wallick
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