Version 0.4.11 -- Builds #1374 through #1423

Version 0.4.11 -- Builds #1374 through #1423

PostPosted by forummaster » Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:04 am

This version consists of the following features:

* Allow Double Quotes In )IN and )OUT
* Allow )DROP to Drop ATF Files
* Optimize Display Of Vector-Like Arrays
* Define New Magic Function To Handle N-Wise Reduction With Left Argument Of 1
* Change Rational Comparisons From Exact (No ⎕CT) To Inexact (Use ⎕CT)
* Optionally Display Multi-Precision Suffix of 'x' or 'v'
* Implement ⎕STOP and ⎕TRACE
* Switch To New GSL Binary And Directory
* Display VFP Numbers In E-Format If Too Small Or Too Large
* Use String Safe Functions
* Display Workspace Version # In About Box
* Mark The Non-Error Result Of ⎕FX As NoDisplay

and the following bug fixes:

* Fix bug in function editor in certain cases when typing a tab
* Fix bugs in Syntax Analyzer
* Fix bug in Encode with multi-col left args
* Fix bug in )LIB producing duplicate values
* Fix Bug In Index Set With Type Promotion Of Immediate
* Fix Bug In 1 f/ X Where X Is A Nested or Global Numeric Scalar
* Fix Bug In ⎕EC '{goto}1'
* Fix SYNTAX ERROR In '] MOP' And '} MOP'
* Fix Bug In )COPY With No Arguments
* Fix Bug In Syntax Coloring When Selecting Black
* Fix Bug In lstrcpy/lstrcpyn/lstrcat Functions
* Fix Bug In Crash Message Box
* Fix Bug In ¯4 Circle Assembler Function
* Handle MOPN A And MOPN A Syntax
* Fix Typo In Magic Function
* Catch Errors When Initializing Magic Functions
* Fix Bug In Domino Preventing Clean Up After Calling Magic Function
* If Syntax Coloring Is Turned Off, Use Default Tex And Background Colors For Session
* Fix Memory Leak In Name Assignment On Error
* Fix Bug In Empty Indexing
* Fix Bug In Inner Product on Certain Empties
* Fix Bug In )LOAD On Certain Rational And Variable Precision Numbers
* Fix Bug In Matrix Divide With Boolean Left Arg And Floating Point Result
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