Version 0.4.13 -- Builds #1449 through #1460

Version 0.4.13 -- Builds #1449 through #1460

PostPosted by forummaster » Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:46 pm

This version consists of the following features:

* Allow decimal/exponential form in rational point notation, e.g. 1.2r3.4 ←→ 6r17
* Name assignment of a niladic AFO is saved as a niladic AFO, not evaluated to a variable, e.g. f←{⎕TS} displays current timestamp each time f is called
* Demote more of immediate vars, e.g. Boolean-like to Boolean and INT-like FLTs to INTs

and the following bug fixes:

* Fix bug when assigning a Boolean value into ⎕FEATURE or ⎕IC
* Fix bug in determinant operator for certain cases
* Fix bug in ⎕AT when calculating the size of an immediate function/operator or a system function
* Fix bug in ⎕EC R if error executing R
* Fix memory leak In ⎕EC
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