Version 0.4.14 -- Builds #1461 through #1492

Version 0.4.14 -- Builds #1461 through #1492

PostPosted by forummaster » Thu May 19, 2016 10:33 am

This version consists of the following features:

* Implement Gamma Point notation, e.g., 1g1
* Include branch arrow in traced goto

and the following bug fixes:

* In monadic ⎕FMT output, insert blank col inside box on left to avoid the dimension eliding with values
* Fix bug in scan or empty char array
* Fix bugs when handling empty char arrays
* Fix bug allowing chars and heteros in certain primitive scalar monadic functions
* Fix bug when tracing a line with a label only
* Fix syntax bug not allowing NF MOP -> NF
* Fix -0 bugs
* Fix overflow bug in absolute value of MININT64
* Fix bug in Encode with zeros in left argument
* Fix bug in ⎕AT returning the wrong rank result
* Allow wider margin in function editor display if line numbering is off
* Fix bug in Control Structure parsing to handle missing case of ElseIf ElseIf
* Fix bugs in ⎕TRACE
* Fix bugs in Rational Point notation in strands
* Fix bug in Anonymous Function/Operator with Query not changing global value of ⎕RL
* Fix bug with niladic calls to operators
* Fix bug with not validating ⎕vars on )LOAD
* Fix bug with absolute value of minimum negative integer
* Fix bugs handling infinities in RAT strands
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