Any hints about NARS2000 restrictions under WINE ?

Any hints about NARS2000 restrictions under WINE ?

PostPosted by FDA OSInet » Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:00 am

Hello. I have a strange problem with NARS2000 under Wine (Windows environment for Linux)

Under Windows 10, I have a VMware, and under that VMware Ubuntu 16.04 64 MATE.
This Ubuntu works perfectly with keyboard defined as AZERTY in the control panel.

Under this Ubuntu MATE, I installed winetricks, why not? If I write 1234567890, those characters appear in Notepad (called from Wine) without any problem.

But under NARS2000, if I hit 1234567890 (while under Windows natively NARS2000 the characters appear normally in echo when I hit them), NARS2000 under WINE gives : 134568: the 2, 7, 9 and 0 seem to be intercepted somewhete.

WINE does not seem at fault, since in the notepad those characters are echoed normally.
Conversely, this is not a problem NARS2000 either, since when it is used directly under Windows, no problem appears.

You could tell me: why then do such complicated things instead of using NARS2000 natively? Because I might not keep Windows 10 and so my machine would be fully under Ubuntu. But NARS2000, I use regularly, is of course a Windows program.

Does anybody has any hint to bypass the problem, or to get more information about it.

(I do not use the numeric keypad, apparently not recognized by NARS2000 with the AZERTY layout, which does not matter much for me)

In advance thank you to anyone who would have an idea ;)
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