Version 0.4.15 -- Builds #1493 through #1551

Version 0.4.15 -- Builds #1493 through #1551

PostPosted by forummaster » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:41 pm

This version consists of the following features:

* Implement Pochhammer symbol (Rising and Falling Factorials) through Variant operator
* Allow more SysVars to be used with Variant operator in long form notation
* Implement )FOPS and its alias )FOP
* Implement command line args for Symbol & Hash Table sizes
* Display workspace version numbers if there is a mismatch on )LOAD/)COPY
* Allow -1 as file offset in []NREPLACE []NREAD to mean current offset
* Mention GCD/LCM in Language bar tooltip
* Allow Grade primitives to handle nested and hetero arrays

and the following bug fixes:

* Handle failed )LOAD by restoring the previous tab correctly.
* Handle A[;][;]{is}B more cleanly
* Fix datatype bug in Rational exponentiation with negative integer exponent
* Fix bug in SimpleScalar vs. Nested Array using a primitive scalar dyadic function
* Fix bug in +\1.5 2.5 where a temporary Float result is demoted to integer
* Fix bug in UDFO call with axis token not from function strand
* Fix bug in 2 +/0 1.5 2.5 same as in Scan with demotion of temporary Float
* Disallow SysVars as named var In :FOR ... :IN stmts
* Fix bug in Ctrl-Break display and subsequent )RESET
* Fix bug in Transpose with eight or more axes
* Fix bug when passing a system function to an operator
* Insert blank column on left of empty array output of monadic []FMT
* Fix bug in Rank operator with nested result
* Fix bug in Base Point Notation with multiple instances in strand
* Define additional Diamond aliases
* Fix bugs in <ParseLine> on error
* Fix bug in Reduction when promoting Floating Point numbers
* Fix bug in )RESET not being passed up the line
* Fix bug in Dyadic Reduction when promoting Floating Point numbers
* Fix bugs in GCD & LCM on VFP & RAT numbers
* Fix bug in A[A][A]
* Fix bug in {is}NF (sink of niladic function)
* Fix bug In magic function for Rising and Falling Factorials
* Fix bug in Catenate between empty array and APA of differing ranks
* Fix bug when loading a workspace with a name assigned to an existing user function/operator
* Fix bug when calling Dyadic Squad as a prototype
* Fix bug in Syntax Analyzer with modified indexed assignment and a derived function
* Fix bug in display of certain derived functions
* Fix bug in )COPY of a UDFO on top of a function array
* Fix bug in Pick where either argument is global numeric
* Fix bug in Dyadic Up Arrow with global numeric left arg
* Fix bug in subroutine to []SYSID
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