Version 0.4.18 -- Builds #1564 through #1607

Version 0.4.18 -- Builds #1564 through #1607

PostPosted by forummaster » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:39 pm

This version consists of the following features:

* Implement Line Continuations
* []EX Now Returns A Shy Result
* Don't Save []WSID Into The Workspace .INI File
* Change Default Symbol For Alt-k From SingleQuote To DelTilde
* Implement Output Debugging
* Allow []PW To Be As Large As Possible (2*31)-2
* Make Function Fix Time Sensitive To A User Preference
* Implement []NINFO
* Display )LOAD Line In Target Workspace Session
* Implement "Copy" Button In The About Box
* Implement Wildcard Searches In []NINFO
* Implement Precision Specifier For VFP Constants
* Extend Variant Operator Shorthand For []FPC To The Execute Function
* Implement Get Precision Function In 3 []DR
* Implement Temporary APVs To Handle Elided Indices

and the following bug fixes:

* Check For Too Short []FEATURE
* Display Function Fix Time As Local Time
* Fix Bug Of Passing Too Large A Limit To UpDown Control For []PP
* Fix Bug When Creating Fallback Font
* Fix Bug When Editing A Logical Line In A Function Header
* Fix Bug Of Duplicate Accumulation In <CopyBlockLines>
* Fix Bug In Output Debugging Macro
* Fix Bug With Function Erased While Editing
* Fix Bugs In []Nfns
* Fix Bugs With Signed Infinities
* Fix Bug Not Recognizing System Labels As Goto Targets
* Handle Indexed Assignment Of Nested Character Constant Into A Simple Var
* Signal INDEX ERROR For A[B;empty] If B Is Not A Valid Index
* Fix Bug Of Wrong Error Message For A[1 2 'a';]
* When Executing An Immediate Execution Mode Thread, Initialize The Per Thread Vars
* Fix Bugs In Various Instances Of Modified (Indexed) Assignment
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