Version 0.5.0 -- Builds #1608 through #1650

Version 0.5.0 -- Builds #1608 through #1650

PostPosted by forummaster » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:10 pm

This version consists of the following features:

* Implement Hypercomplex Numbers
* Optimize Monadic Domino on singletons
* Implement Unit Normalized Radian Point Notation (e.g. 1au0.25 = 1ad90)
* Optimize Nth prime search for N < 1E5
* Optimize Nth prime count for N <= 1298173
* Allow NaNs to display and survive )LOAD/)SAVE

and the following bug fixes:

* Clean up Domino code
* Fix bug when copying a block of lines
* Fix bugs In Complex Infinities and related changes
* Fix memory leak when monadic PSF immediate blows up to global entry
* Fix bug when calculating nested result with scalar global numeric items
* Fix bug when checking for duplicate function line labels
* Fix bug in Grade to allow Hypercomplex numbers with zero imaginary parts
* Fix bug when displaying a multirank hetero array
* Fix bug when assigning to indexed array in a certain way
* Fix bug in UpCaret, DownCaret, and Stile with Nested arguments
* Scroll caret into view in Session Manager on WM_SIZE
* Fix bug in type demotion of Nested array to simple numeric
* Fix bug with naked Goto
* Fix bug from missing SEH handlers
* Fix bug with PSFs passing wrong datatype
* Scroll caret into view in Function Editor on WM_SIZE
* Fix bug in 0x*-1 (Rational zero raised to a negative power)
* Save and restore the Language Bar font in the NARS2000.INI file
* Fix bug in Dyadic Stile for HC8F and HC8V
* Fix bug in Complex and Quaternion Floor code
* Reduce flicker when moving back and forth between the Session Manager and a Function Editor window
* Handle []TCNL in global vector output
* Fix bug in display of lines with []TCNL
* Fix bugs in Plus and GCD/LCM using wrong indices when promoting
* Avoid exceptions due to Negative 0 in Conjugate Function
* Use SYS_CT instead of []CT when comparing as integer test.
* Fix bug in PV {iota} N
* Fix bug when mistyping a system name
* Fix bug initializing []Z
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