Version 0.5.1 -- Builds #1651 through #1719

Version 0.5.1 -- Builds #1651 through #1719

PostPosted by forummaster » Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:43 pm

This version consists of the following features:

* Define a single NaN rather multiple NaNs
* Implement NaNs
* Implement support for Dead Keys on national keyboards
* Implement support for Global Dead Keys on all keyboards
* Use Magic Function for Dyadic Squad
* Implement ⎕a, ⎕A, and the accented forms
* Implement niladic system function ⎕CS
* Show ToolTip with Scan and Char Codes for keycaps in keyboard layouts
* Define new layouts for Danish, French, And German keyboards
* Implement preliminary version system command )SYMB
* Defer initializing MPFR constants when changing precision via ⎕FPC
* Implement extended Expand for integer left arguments

and the following bug fixes:

* Fix bugs in lookup algorithm for PV left args
* Attempt to demote HC args to the four comparison PSFs ( <= >= > ) not defined on HC data
* Fix bug when calculating the storage type of Up/DownStile on Hetero/Nested arrays
* Fix bug when identifying a NaN
* Fix bug in Type function with a NaN argument
* Fix bug when indexing Nested array with an empty array
* Fix bug with NaNs and certain Dyadic PSFs
* Fix bug In type promotion of a RAT item in a Nested array to VFP
* Fix bug when tapping either Alt key twice
* Fix bug when hashing a string
* Fix bug when Grading a NaN
* Fix bug when Reducing a matrix which blows up from INT to FLT
* Fix bug when deciding when to switch to E-format in VFP display
* Fix bug in F!F
* Fix bug when testing for NaNs in Simple vs. Global Numeric or vice versa
* Fix bug in Monadic PSFs with Nested immediate values
* Avoid bug in Windows API functions lstrcpy, lstrcpyn, lstrcat
* Fix bug In 3 ⎕DR on Hypercomplex Numbers
* Fix bug in Minimum and Maximum on HC Numbers with all zero imaginary parts
* Fix bug in <IsLocalName>
* Fix syntax bug not recognizing CS1 NF
* Fix bugs in ⎕EA and ⎕EC
* Fix bugs in dimension demotion
* Fix bugs in Grade of single NaN and GradeAll NaNs
* Fix bugs in Divide of HC Numbers
* Fix bug in []TRACE display
* Fix bug in display if Quote-Quad output
* Fix bug in display colors for keyboard layout menu
* Fix bug in Multiset operator setting ⎕CT to zero
* Clear the Dead Key state when saving a new character in a keyboard layout
* Fix bug when using a Global Dead Key to create an accented character where the Base Character doesn't have an accented form
* Fix bug in specifying ⎕CS
* Fix bug in Combinations function on multiple precision numbers
* Fix bug in Base Log function with negative real right arguments
* Fix bug in )COPY of variable onto a function
* Fix bug in Rational comparisons w.r.t. ⎕CT
* Fix bug in display of VFP numbers with fixed number of significant digits
* Fix bug in Plus reduction of an even length APV
* Fix bug in setting ⎕IC
* Fix bug in Quote-Quad input
* Fix bug in naked Quad/Quote-Quad input
* Fix bug when validating left arg to the Reshape function
* Handle NaNs locally in the Circle functions
* Fix bug with empty User-Defined Function/Operator
* Fix bug when negating a Rational Hypercomplex zero when negative 0 is allowed
* Check for NaN in more cases of the Circle functions
* Fix bug when erasing a Direct Function/Operator
* Check for Ctrl-Break more often during array display
* Fix bug when localizing system labels in AFOs
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