Version 0.5.3 -- Builds #1722 through #1753

Version 0.5.3 -- Builds #1722 through #1753

PostPosted by forummaster » Tue May 02, 2017 1:04 pm

This version consists of the following features:

* Implement drag/move of a selection in the function and session editors
* Implement Dilate (>R) and Condense (<R)
* Implement decimal points in Base Point Notation, e.g. 16b123.45
* Implement System Labels in AFOs, e.g. {⍺+⍵ ⋄ ⎕ID:0}
* Implement Combinatorial operator

and the following bug fixes:

* Fix bug when assigning a funciton to a system var
* Fix bug when assigning a var to a system function
* Fix bug in the magic function for ⎕VR not using a local hash/symbol table
* Fix bug in Inner Product with different storage types
* Fix bug in Reduction of an empty character array
* Fix bug when Ctrl-Break is pressed
* Fix bug when hash or symbol tables are low
* Fix bug in dyadic DownStile storage calculation
* Fix bug in dyadic RightShoe error messages
* Fix bug in monadic Epsilon w.r.t. prototypes
* Fix bug in Grade function not disallowing Hypercomplex numbers
* Fix bug in UDFOs when branching to a System Label
* Fix bug when indexing an empty nested array with other empty arrays
* Fix bug when erasing an AFO
* Fix bug in ExecFns not handling certain tokens
* Fix bugs in dyadic Reduction
* Fix bug in LeftShoe when enclosing with axis an empty multidimensional array
* Catch Ctrl-Break more often
* Fix bug in Enlist function with empty nested arrays
* Fix bug in ⍋¨0 0⍴0
* Fix bug in Enlist function with an empty APV
* Fix bug with no-result functions and dyadic derived function from the Each operator
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